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This site is a work in progress that will initially focus on the FPS Approved Breeding Stallions. Secondly, it will include Friesian horse information, Friesian horse sales and Friesian specific products and services. Whatever this site becomes in the future, it will always focus exculsively on the Friesian Horse with the goal of improving access to Friesian specific information through one location in an easy and enjoyable format. I hope to not only provide information to breeders, owners and new and old fans, but also to simply celebrate the royal and magical world of the Friesian Horse. Please feel free to contact us with comments, questions and suggestions.

Stallion Data: I hope you will enjoy the first release of this site which focuses on the “king”, the almighty Friesian Stallion. This site highlights photos and detailed data on the stallions through an advanced database. Although the initial focus is on FPS approved stallions, if all goes well, we hope to include the FPZV stallions in a later release. I hope you will enjoy the extensive information I am working on providing. There are currently 108 stallions in the database with a planned addition of another 20 shortly. Please enjoy the nearly 600 stallion photos contributed by world famous equine photographers. My apologies to those who are searching for a stallion not yet listed. However, the initial focus is on living & approved stallions. Information on this site is not official. Please see our disclaimer for details.

How it Began: My love for this magical breed started not long ago after witnessing their magnificant presence in the movies and after attending the Friesian Extravaganza . I never thought I’d have the honor of owning one of these royal and magnificant beauties. When my dream finally became a reality it was a challenge to find detailed information and pictures of the sires of the horses I was considering. I hope you enjoy the easy access of full details and pictures on the great sires of the Friesians you own and/or are considering purchasing.

Information Updates: I hope there are not too many outdated bits of information. However, the challenge with any data is how quickly it changes. Some of the data supplied was gathered over 6 months ago. However, my goal is to make statistical updates at least 3 times a year that will cover information on the stallions and timely content covered on this site. Please feel free to contact me with corrections to the mistakes you find that are not related to possible delays or changes planned for future updates: info@FriesianExchange.com. If I have not given due credit on any photographs please contact me and I will make sure to correct the mistake.

Challenges: I have been planning and developing this site for a year now and have yet to skim the surface. However, if I wanted to release the site in this century I had to settle for releasing it “as is” and improving it with time. I hope to have active business partners in the future to allow for faster development and more improvements.

Thank you & Appreciation: I am in no way an expert on the topic of Friesian Horses, therefore, I would like to thank those professionals (and new friends) who helped make this site possible. Without them there would be no site. That especially includes the great photographers and writers who contributed their work, all of the supportive stallion owners, Fhana, FPS, and my friends and partners in the US and Friesland who helped with this project. Special thanks to my fiance who supported the dream and refined its goals and especially to the best technical team I’ve worked with in years. So…THANK YOU: Jacob Melissen, Herman P.M. Zomer, Markus Neuroth, Johan Achterhof, Manfred Link, Hermien Wierdsma, Laura Beeman, Laurie Kasperek, Aise Bouma, Jannie Dykstra, Henk Bakker, Christy and Gary Land, Tim Donahue & Team, and last but not least my favorite person in the whole wide world, John Fujiwara, my fiancee. If you are looking to quit smoking then try E cigarettes. The safer way to get your nicotine and if your worried about spending to much money then dont worry. You can find tons of coupons and discounts at V2 Cigs

Planned Development: If all goes well with this venture, I hope to be able to offer more advanced coverage of topics on mares, breeding and semen, expert-covered discussions and educational content, events, and friesians in sports. I hope to also offer shopping for Friesian Specific products through a secure credit card transaction solution. Please let me know what more we can offer that would benefit the breed and its fans.

Photo Usage:
It is illegal to use photographs without permission from the photography. This is under the copyright infringement act. In general, no photos on this site or any site should be copied and published in any form without permission from the photographer. Photo “piracy” is a crime and is punisheable in court. Furthermore, the court may also award a reasonable attorney’s fee to the prevailing party as part of the costs to enforce this act. Recovery also includes damages and profits gained from the illegal use of photos.